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Give your patients with CHD, heart attack or hypertension free access to our science-based therapy apps.

Vantis | CHD and heart attack

Scientifically validated digital therapies

Vantis | CHD and heart attack

Scientifically validated digital therapies

The result of the controlled randomized multicenter CHANGE study shows the clinical evidence of our first therapy app. People with CHD and hypertension were able to reduce blood pressure by 15.5 mmHg within three months (compared to 6 mmHg control group). This corresponds to a reduction in cardiovascular risk of 25-40%.

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"Vantis has developed a program that helps patients build health-conscious behaviors in small and simple steps. This makes it possible to improve cardiovascular health in the long term."

Former chief physician and university professor
Vantis in her practice

Einfach verordnet, einfach in der Nutzung

Treating physicians (general practitioners or cardiologists) can prescribe the digital therapies in the form of apps to patients at any time. The apps are developed for people of all ages (from the age of majority) and are easy to use. All queries regarding installation, technical details and the program itself are completely covered by our customer service. 

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Frequently asked questions and answers

Vantis bietet aktuell zwei Therapie Apps an. Eine für Menschen mit koronarer Herzkrankheit (ICD 10: 25) und eine für Menschen mit essentieller primärer Hypertonie (ICD 10: 10-13).

We are currently in negotiations with statutory and private payers, as well as the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), to register the therapies as Digital Health Applications (DiGA). Until then, we will assume all costs incurred. Thus, the apps are free of charge for you and your patients.

Ihr Zeitaufwand begrenzt sich auf eine kurze Erklärung und das Aushändigen des Informationsmaterials (Patienten-Flyer). Patienten starten danach die Therapie eigenständig von zu Hause. Falls Rückfragen (technisch wie inhaltlich) aufkommen, deckt diese unser Kundendienst ab.

1. order info material

2. hand out patient flyer with short explanation.

3. patients start their three-month Vantis program independently