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Vantis in medical practices

Vantis takes care of everything that hinders doctors from providing optimal care. This gives them the time they need for patient-centered treatment.

What makes Vantis special

Integrated primary care concept

After several years of developing digital therapies for people with chronic illnesses, our current focus is to bring Vantis into medical practices. We believe that optimal care requires both digital support for patients in their daily lives and in-person treatment – ideally, all under one roof.


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Frequently asked questions and answers

Yes, it is also possible to use it independently of your doctor. The program is designed to support you in your everyday life. For more information on the CHD or heart attack app, please contact here and to the app for hypertension here.

Our app for people with CHD and heart attacks will very soon be available for prescription by all doctors free of charge. If your doctor doesn't know about us yet, no problem. We will be happy to inform you about it. People with elevated blood pressure can join a waiting list on the product page. As soon as it is available, they will be contacted first.