Holistic treatment at Vantis

We develop modern treatment options for people with chronic diseases. Holistic, digital and on-site.

Modern, holistic treatment

What makes Vantis special

We focus on the patient, not just the illness. By strategically leveraging digital technologies, we create benefits for both patients and doctors.

Focus on chronic diseases

The care of people with chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart diseases often falls short. Continuous monitoring of relevant health metrics, regular guidance for lifestyle adjustments, and personalized therapy recommendations are challenging to implement in standard practice. At Vantis, these are crucial components of our holistic approach to therapy and patient care.

Focus on chronic diseases

People with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease often lack support in their daily lives. At Vantis, this is a crucial component of holistic therapy. Through it, we enable our patients to a continuous review of relevant health values, provide regular guidance for lifestyle adjustment and derive individual therapy recommendations. 



Support at home

Treatment using digital therapy apps

Unsere digitalen Behandlungsprogramme haben bereits vielen Menschen geholfen, den Weg in ein gesünderes Leben zu starten. Sie ergänzen die hausärztliche Behandlung in Praxen dort, wo es sinnvoll ist. Sie können zudem jederzeit verordnet und eigenständig von zu Hause gestartet werden.