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High blood pressure accompanies many sufferers throughout their lives. This can result in an increased risk for organs and other cardiovascular diseases, even if this is often not noticeable. Crucial for a successful blood pressure therapy is a healthy lifestyle, the regular intake of medication and the monitoring of blood pressure. Vantis therapy supports you in everyday life and follows the highest medical standards.


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How to lower blood pressure? What prescriptions for high blood pressure? Which training is suitable for high blood pressure? With the Vantis Blood Pressure App we give you answers.

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Blood pressure diary

Messen Sie täglich Blutdruck und sehen Sie Fortschritte übersichtlich dargestellt.


Video workouts on proper exercise for high blood pressure.

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Clear education about the disease, treatment and symptoms.


Essgewohnheiten erfassen und direktes Feedback dank Ampelsystem.​

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The security of your data is extremely important to us. As an approved medical device, we are subject to VantisTherapy strengen Vorgaben und garantiert zu jeder Zeit höchste Datenschutzstandards zu erfüllen.
The programs are tailored to the personal needs of each individual patient. Use Vantis to keep a constant eye on your health values, get active with the exercise coach's sports units, or learn more about a healthy lifestyle in the reading units. As an approved medical product, the app is also subject to high requirements. The effectiveness of the program has already been established in initial preliminary clinical studies.

Vantis is suitable for you if you have received the following diagnoses:

  • Increased blood pressure