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type of care.

Our approach

We provide health care at home and in the office

Digital therapy offers
We develop digital healthcare solutions that can also support patients at home.
Modern general practitioner practices
Vantis is also available on site. Our doctors take advantage of the advances in digitalization.
Treatment at home

Our digital therapies

With our therapy apps, we also offer people with chronic diseases the opportunity to actively shape their treatment at home.  

Vantis | CHD and heart attack

The app for people with coronary heart disease (CHD for short) or heart attack.

Vantis | Hypertension

The app for people with elevated blood pressure.

VANTIS | CHD and heart attack

Clinical study confirms effectiveness

In a randomized controlled trial, the efficacy of the Vantis Heart App was tested. The results show a significant improvement for patients after 12 weeks in the program.

15.5 mmHg

Lowering systolic blood pressure

25 - 40 %

Reduction of the risk of a heart attack or other cardiovascular incident

on-site treatment

Vantis practices

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